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Classiche Certification and Attestation Program

Classiche Certification

Ferraris have been coveted by automobile enthusiasts and collectors since the very first car was built by Enzo Ferrari in 1950 in Maranello. Some sixty years later, many of these desirable past models have passed through the hands of numerous owners and numerous mechanics.

Some have remained largely as they left the Ferrari factory, and survive as well-maintained examples. Some have suffered from years of deferred service, collision damage, modifications, engine/gearbox changes, etc. All are Ferraris however, and as such deserve to be recognized as the important, classic automobiles that they are. The Ferrari Classiche Certification and Attestation Program offer owners the opportunity to "Certify" their classic (20 year old or older) Ferrari to be in original compliance with regard to color, condition, proper engine/gearbox/chassis identification; evaluating your Ferrari using the factory's extensive historical archive.

The Classiche Program can greatly enhance the value of your classic Ferrari, as well as outline a course of action to restore a non-original car to the original, factory-correct standards of Ferrari Classiche. Ferrari Classiche can encompass everything from a simple certification of an original car to a complete restoration of your Ferrari by the Ferrari factory to like-new condition.

Upon approval of Classiche Certification by the COCER (Classiche Committee of Experts) chaired by Ferrari Vice-President Piero Ferrari, your Ferrari will receive a beautiful Classiche book, complete with copies of original factory documents, photographs of relevant components, and a "Ferrari Classiche" badge.

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